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[08 Oct 2006|02:19am]

2. Age:
3. Location:
Russian Federation,Voronezh.
4. Favorite Album:
nooo… all favorite. Too much good things, its difficult to choose. But Porno, grant my leader (it well cheers up to my neighbours, at mornings)
5. Favorite Song:
One Hundred years, Stop Dead, Dressing Up,10.15, Open, of the Deep Green Sea… Yang Americans… he=)))…
6. Favorite Video:
Hot Hot Hot, Wrong Number, Let’s go to bed… but actually, there is nothing better than oppressive and attracting living videos, for me.
7. Where did you hear about us from? (Please state username(s) and/or community(‘s)
I don’t remember, sorry

New member here [31 Mar 2006|06:06am]

[ mood | happy ]

1. Name: Melissa
2. Age: 16
3. Location: Hartford, WI
4. Favorite Album: The Top
5. Favorite Song: Dunno, I have a ton of them
6. Favorite Video: Dunno, I have a ton of them
7. Where did you hear about us from? (Please state username(s) and/or community(‘s): searched for new wave communitites


x-posted like, everywhere. [23 Jul 2005|11:23pm]

Hello everybody.
I'm sorry this is a little off-topic, but, I'm trying my best to promote my book, Rose Petal Tea, which is set in the 80s, focusses on homosexuality and the AIDS virus.

It's kinda large, so click here!Collapse )

I'm beginning to worry that it's not selling enough copies, which is bad considering I'm like, £600 in debt (probably more actually!), I have no job, and I have a lot of events coming up that require money...hense this promotion.

It could be that Indigo Sky (my second, and largest, project) may not get made at all unless this first novel sells more, so if you can do ANYTHING to help, even if it's just passing out links, handing out flyers, putting posters up, word of mouth, seriously ANYTHING, it would be the hugest help! :heart:

(For information, as the poster tells you: http://www.myspace.com/rosepetaltea :D
And for a better synopsis, and a sample of the first chapter, visit: http://www.authorsonline.co.uk/New/Synopsis.asp?eBookID=407)

Help a Cure fan out? :)
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Bloodflowers/Disintegration [27 Jun 2005|12:22pm]

[ mood | curious ]

So here I am listening to Bloodflowers for the 2nd time through in a row. I got to thinking how easily it could be described as "A collection of B-Sides of Disintegration". I love the album but I think this sums it up. What do you think?

Oh and completely unrelated, I also realised I have been a Cure fan for 20 years this year...so Happy Anniversary to me eh?

X Posted

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Introductions are in order, so I hear. [31 May 2005|04:59pm]

1. Name: James
2. Age: 28
3. Location: Born in Sevierville, Tennessee – raised there and in Lewisburg, PA. Currently living in NYC.
4. Favorite Album: 17 Seconds, Pornography or, a recent addition, The Top
5. Favorite Songs (as of late): M, Charlotte Sometimes, Other Voices, Mr. Pink Eyes, A Few Hours After This and Birdmad Girl.
6. Favorite Video: Hanging Garden
7. Where did you hear about us from? (Please state username(s) and/or community(‘s): Someone, or somewhere last year around this time.

Here’s my photo for those who need that sort of thing.
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Just a little note [27 May 2005|11:44am]

[ mood | calm ]

I just wanted to drop a line and let anyone who wants to know that the tv channel TRIO (http://www.triotv.com/) is showing the making of the Cure's video The End of the World. It is pretty interesting to see how they made it. Trio is a good, differnt, channel also. But I just wanted to let people know about the video.


Just a little note [29 Dec 2004|04:35pm]

[ mood | Fine ]

Hey all, I just wanted to leave a little note to let those who didn't know some info (like me). I recently bought a cd called 'Psycho Tina's Hell House of Horrors'.. it's a great cd and only until I listened to it, did I know that Mr. Robert Smith sings on it. The song is by Blank & Jones featuring him and it's called 'A Forest'. It's a very good song and you can tell it is him singing and not anyone else. But if you are like me and didn't know of this song, I would suggest listening to it. It's not to long, but it's still very good and the rest of the cd is great too.. basically a comp of different bands.. apop, vnv, zeromancer.. etc. Anyway I just wanted to you guys know. :)


Greetings Fellow Cure Fans [14 Nov 2004|10:50pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Sorry, I've been a part of this community for some time now and never filled out one of these. I suppose I should!

1. Name: Amber
2. Age: 17
3. Location: Alberta, Canada
4. Favorite Album: Disintegration
5. Favorite Song: Pictures of You. Although, it's really hard because I love so many of them!
6. Favorite Video: Pictures of You, The 13th, The Lovecats, Why Can't I Be You
7. Where did you hear about us from? I'm not sure. Often I type "The Cure" into the interests search to see what comes up, and that's how I found this...most likely!

Anyhoo, hello. :-D

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[15 Nov 2004|12:40pm]

1. Name:stephanie
2. Age:15
3. Location:arleta california
4. Favorite Album: the cure greatest hits
5. Favorite Song: just like heaven
6. Favorite Video:jst like h3vn
7. Where did you hear about us from? (Please state username(s) and/or community(‘s):the cure
p.s add me and ill add u
we can talk about hot amazingly hot robert smith is
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God [08 Nov 2004|12:45pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]


And thanks to his parents for giving birth to my muse:) :)

BOWS repeatedly* We're not worthy! :)

[05 Oct 2004|12:56pm]
Hey, I'm new. Feel free to add me and join my community claimthecure

Go join! [23 Sep 2004|11:04pm]

I've created a Cure community:

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Soooo.... [21 Sep 2004|07:22pm]

I imagine lots of you went to Curiosa. Did anyone meet nay of the members on this tour? Or even previous ones?
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::voodo Smile:: [15 Sep 2004|03:03am]

[ mood | creative ]

1. Name: dana
2. Age: 24
3. Location: ny
4. Favorite Album: Disintegration & Pornography
5. Favorite Song: Plainsong, Same Deep Water As You, and the Figurehead
6. Favorite Video: The Hanging Garden, Caterpillar, and Just Like Heaven
7. Where did you hear about us from? (Please state username(s) and/or community(‘s) I'm not entirely sure... I joined a while but never introduced myself...



Hello Cure Fans! [15 Sep 2004|01:41am]

1. Name - Catey
2. Age - 19 on Oct. 4th
3. Location - Hampton, Va
4. Favorite Album - Not sure yet, but prob The Head on the Door, next to the Greatest Hits of course. I love Disintegration too.
5. Favorite Song - I can't pick one. If I had too, I'd say Just Like Heaven.
6. Favorite Video - unfortunately I haven't seen any yet.
7. Where did you hear about us from? - I came looking for it, haha
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[03 Sep 2004|12:24am]
1. Name: jennilee
2. Age: 18
3. Location: san diego, california
4. Favorite Album: pornography (with faith as a close second)
5. Favorite Song: charlotte sometimes, siamese twins, one hundred years, faith, this twilight garden, play for today, a forest, lovesong, and others...
6. Favorite Video: just like heaven, lullaby...and charlotte sometimes, which somehow reminds me of my childhood, growing up idolizing a cure obsessed goth girl. i think it may have something to do with the red, technicolor sky. hmmm...
7. Where did you hear about us from? i got here from someone else's info, but i wasn't keep track. :x

BBC 6 radio - The Cure day [02 Sep 2004|10:42am]


[25 Aug 2004|10:43pm]

I thought I'd share thisCollapse )

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[24 Aug 2004|04:15pm]

I posted this in the Cure-Fan community & thought I could ask here too:

I was in a used vinyl/cd/cassette shop.The girl there was helping me find some old cure(and Morrissey) vinyls,when she showed me the Siouxsie album Robert was on. I was so stoked to buy it,but then I forgot to pick it up in all the rush(When you have pretty old parents it's kinda hard keeping them content in a store with loud music). I tried to go back there(since we were visiting the area for a day and left early the next day.)

So,the album:Hyaena by Siouxsie & The Banshees on vinyl,is it hard to find? Did I really miss out much,coz I do live near NYC,and like they say if you can't find it here,you can't find it anywhere.

I really don't hope it isn't too rare and I could just pick it up.

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Hi [13 Aug 2004|10:29am]

Hi, I am a big Cure fan from high school. I saw them in 1996 and plan to see them again this week!

1. Name: Rachael
2. Age: 24
3. Location: Houston, TX
4. Favorite Album: Disintegration
5. Favorite Song: Pictures of You
6. Favorite Video: Friday I'm in Love or Close to Me
7. Where did you hear about us from? (Please state username(s) and/or community(‘s): xxxkymixxx

It is kind of hard to read the posts against the background. Someone may want to change the font color.

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