ghost (fuck___this) wrote in thecurekiss,

I posted this in the Cure-Fan community & thought I could ask here too:

I was in a used vinyl/cd/cassette shop.The girl there was helping me find some old cure(and Morrissey) vinyls,when she showed me the Siouxsie album Robert was on. I was so stoked to buy it,but then I forgot to pick it up in all the rush(When you have pretty old parents it's kinda hard keeping them content in a store with loud music). I tried to go back there(since we were visiting the area for a day and left early the next day.)

So,the album:Hyaena by Siouxsie & The Banshees on vinyl,is it hard to find? Did I really miss out much,coz I do live near NYC,and like they say if you can't find it here,you can't find it anywhere.

I really don't hope it isn't too rare and I could just pick it up.

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