RavenFair (ravenfair) wrote in thecurekiss,

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Just a little note

Hey all, I just wanted to leave a little note to let those who didn't know some info (like me). I recently bought a cd called 'Psycho Tina's Hell House of Horrors'.. it's a great cd and only until I listened to it, did I know that Mr. Robert Smith sings on it. The song is by Blank & Jones featuring him and it's called 'A Forest'. It's a very good song and you can tell it is him singing and not anyone else. But if you are like me and didn't know of this song, I would suggest listening to it. It's not to long, but it's still very good and the rest of the cd is great too.. basically a comp of different bands.. apop, vnv, zeromancer.. etc. Anyway I just wanted to you guys know. :)
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