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Hello everybody.
I'm sorry this is a little off-topic, but, I'm trying my best to promote my book, Rose Petal Tea, which is set in the 80s, focusses on homosexuality and the AIDS virus.

Image hosted by

I'm beginning to worry that it's not selling enough copies, which is bad considering I'm like, £600 in debt (probably more actually!), I have no job, and I have a lot of events coming up that require money...hense this promotion.

It could be that Indigo Sky (my second, and largest, project) may not get made at all unless this first novel sells more, so if you can do ANYTHING to help, even if it's just passing out links, handing out flyers, putting posters up, word of mouth, seriously ANYTHING, it would be the hugest help! :heart:

(For information, as the poster tells you: :D
And for a better synopsis, and a sample of the first chapter, visit:

Help a Cure fan out? :)
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