Billy Liar (billyliar) wrote in thecurekiss,
Billy Liar

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Introductions are in order, so I hear.

1. Name: James
2. Age: 28
3. Location: Born in Sevierville, Tennessee – raised there and in Lewisburg, PA. Currently living in NYC.
4. Favorite Album: 17 Seconds, Pornography or, a recent addition, The Top
5. Favorite Songs (as of late): M, Charlotte Sometimes, Other Voices, Mr. Pink Eyes, A Few Hours After This and Birdmad Girl.
6. Favorite Video: Hanging Garden
7. Where did you hear about us from? (Please state username(s) and/or community(‘s): Someone, or somewhere last year around this time.

Here’s my photo for those who need that sort of thing.
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